Queer Sounds Ithaca + Ithaca Underground: Jason Kahn, Sarah Hennies, Ben Owen

By Lisa Laffend | February 27, 2017 | Comments Off on Queer Sounds Ithaca + Ithaca Underground: Jason Kahn, Sarah Hennies, Ben Owen

Jason Kahn’s performances explore the physical and spiritual limits of breath, stretching the voice to its breaking point. The disintegration of each vocal gesture leads to the next, creating a structure where what remains with each evacuating breath creates a context for the entire piece. In partnership with Queer Sound Ithaca.

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Benjaminito: A Work in Progress

By Lisa Laffend | February 18, 2017 | Comments Off on Benjaminito: A Work in Progress

Benjamin Torrey, 26, sits in a rain-soaked chair under an umbrella in the backyard of The Westy. He’s wearing a black Pinkwash shirt and grey cut-offs. He’d wanted to go to a bar since he works from home and so “I’m not stuttering and talking about self-harm in front of college students eating bagels or whatever.” His steel blue eyes survey the area from behind his squared brown glasses. He asks if it’s ok if he smokes before pulling out a lighter wrapped in duct tape and a box of Natural American Spirits. The night before, Torrey had been in …

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Decorum 4/8/17

By Lisa Laffend | February 7, 2017 | Comments Off on Decorum 4/8/17

Brooklyn’s post-punk / coldwave trio in Ithaca for the first time. Details here. NEAR GONE / NO HAVEN by DECORUM

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Quail Turret 3/3/17

By Lisa Laffend | February 7, 2017 | Comments Off on Quail Turret 3/3/17

Nasville via Ithaca heavy fusion duo Quail Turret return to Ithaca, on tour with playful synth-poppers Basic Printer. Details here. 

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February Fundraising kicks off with Patreon, GiveGab, & Bandcamp!

By Bubba Crumrine | February 1, 2017 | Comments Off on February Fundraising kicks off with Patreon, GiveGab, & Bandcamp!

Ithaca Underground’s 2017 February Fundraising efforts kick-off today, with more fun ways to give! Interested in giving a few dollars on a monthly basis, with to unlock perks like merch and unlimited show entry? Patreon is right for you! GIVE VIA PATREON Interested in donating a one-time gift as part of our February campaign to help keep shows all ages, low cost, and radically inclusive?  GiveGab is right for you! GIVE VIA GIVEGAB Do you have $5 that you’d like to give in return for Ithaca Underground: Vol. 3 digital compilation, featuring 30 new & unreleased tracks from Agnosia (featuring Sammus), Obody, Benjaminto, …

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Naked Noise #8 – April 1st

By Bubba Crumrine | January 30, 2017 | Comments Off on Naked Noise #8 – April 1st

This April, CSMA’s 3rd Floor Auditorium will once again transform into an ethereal sound garden, through Naked Noise large ensemble of improvised ritual drone. Two 45 minute sets will be performed with a brief intermission. In this transcendental sound experience, unique to Ithaca, performers set up in a ring against the walls of the auditorium with the percussionists in the center, and the audience is encouraged to wander around the ring in-between. The sound will stretch and mutate as your location varies as live visuals glow across the installation overhead. Featuring: Alyssa Duerksen (Violin), Andrew Dobos (Percussion), Beau Mahadev (Synth), …

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Ithaca Underground 10th Anniversary Celebrations & Fundraiser!

By Bubba Crumrine | January 29, 2017 | Comments Off on Ithaca Underground 10th Anniversary Celebrations & Fundraiser!

Ithaca Underground celebrates ten years of nurturing a radically inclusive, safe space for music & art outside the mainstream. Over the last decade, Ithaca Underground has grown from a hobby for DIY concerts to an ever-expanding, caring community of the talented, the inspired, and the weird. In addition to hundreds of live, all-ages music events, IU continues to provide learning and growth opportunities for volunteer artists, designers, photographers, videographers, grant writers, sound engineers, and marketeers. Our 10th Anniversary celebration kicks off, with your chance to meet the Ithaca Underground board in a relaxed atmosphere, to learn more about the volunteer opportunities …

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The Kraken Quartet 3/31/17

By Bubba Crumrine | January 29, 2017 | Comments Off on The Kraken Quartet 3/31/17

Austin, TX-based percussion band The Kraken Quartet returns to Ithaca for a headlining performance at The Haunt, then joins the Naked Noise ensemble the following evening at CSMA!  

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Interview with Monki

By Evan Stein | December 1, 2016 | Comments Off on Interview with Monki

I recently caught up with Monki, the notorious noise artist, in anticipation of his upcoming performance at Big Day In, which takes place this Saturday at the Haunt. Upon sitting down with Monki, I became aware that he is actually incapable of communication. Thankfully fellow No Aliens member, Mad Brain, was present and willing to discuss: Monki, No Aliens, & their unique backstory. Evan: Hey Mad Brain, could you explain how Monki came to be? Mad Brain: Monki was actually once a wild monkey, abducted by scientist in order to test a new Gerber Baby Bath & Skin product. Unfortunately, due to …

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Big Day In tickets and set times for Saturday

By Bubba Crumrine | November 30, 2016 | Comments Off on Big Day In tickets and set times for Saturday

See you all this Saturday for our 12th Big Day In! Tickets are available here and at the door. Set times are as follows. Doors open at noon, this Saturday December 3rd with the deck stage kicking off at 12:30, followed by the main stage at 12:45PM. Main Stage: 11:15 B. Dolan 10:00 Guerilla Toss 9:00 Japanese Breakfast 8:15 LVL UP 7:30 Eskimeaux 6:45 Sharpless 6:00 Izzy True 5:15 Sammus 4:30 Alter 3:30 Mr McBean 2:45 Imperials 2:00 First Pet 1:20 Spazzare 12:45 The Horses Deck: 8:00 Benjaminto 7:15 Shull 6:25 Hits Like A Girl 5:45 otodojo 5:00 Tender Cruncher …

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