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Bubba Crumrine Release Show

Bubba Crumrine Release Show

Join Ithaca Underground on April 20th at 7pm  to witness the release of IU’s own Bubba Crumrine’s CD/cassette, “How Brightly Can You Burn? (The Death of Youth)”!

A vital catalyst and nurturing force in Ithaca, Bubba Crumrine’s own solo work is as much a longstanding local force as he is. Recordings dating from as far back as 2007 feature his signature experimentation with washboard, voice, and drone. Bubba’s newest output is perhaps his most stunning yet, merging the usual sonic investigations more completely with a vulnerable and beautiful emotional core. It is a defining and captivating body of work with a flow all its own, and features incredible production work, giving it the presence it deserves.

Get tickets here!

Poster Art by Jeff Wilkinson

Vampire Belt (Bill Nace & Chris Corsano) – November 13th

Formed in 2002 in western Massachusetts, Vampire Belt is Bill Nace (Body/Head, x.o.4, Ceylon Mange) on guitar & electronics and Chris Corsano (Paul Flaherty, Joe McPhee, Mette Rasmussen, Michael Flower) on drums & occasional electronics. Early on, they self-released a couple of CDRs of lo-fi blow-outs, something like a mangled car wreck at the intersection of hardcore and free jazz.

See them headline at The Loft at The Chanticleer plus Kjostad, Flose, Casas. Tickets available now.

BRIAN! “Aibohphobia”

Local bassoon-driven trio BRIAN! just released their latest video off “Chasms of Color & Thought”!
Streaming from Facebook or YouTube – pick your poison.

Don’t miss their set at our upcoming August 11th fundraiser with powerdove and more! Check Events for details.

Directed by Benjamin Torrey .
Gaffer: Claire McClusky.
Choreography: X Senn-Yuen Rance.
Dancers: X Senn-Yuen Rance, Tori Parham, Ariella Ranz.
Live Painting: Zachsquatch.

IU Summer Fundraiser!

Bubba’s Birthday summer fundraiser featuring powerdove’s Bitter Banquet, Dumb Waiter, BRIAN!, and Space Fuck — Saturday, August 11th at The Haunt!  7PM Doors, 8PM Show.

**Entry with $10 minimum donation or free entry for any Ithaca Underground Patron supporter through Pateron. Check the event page for details.

IU Fundraising Comp Artist Spotlight Series: #4 – Lady D & The Shadow Spirits

Every year, as a part of our ongoing fundraising efforts, Ithaca Underground puts together a compilation album featuring local, regional, and national artists. Proceeds from the comp help Ithaca Underground fund volunteer training, support local musicians, buy equipment, and produce radically inclusive music events. Purchase the comp for yourself or as a gift here.

From the Lady D & The Shadow Spirits press kit:

Lady D and the Shadow Spirits is Alyssa Duerksen’s soul calling, songs of her higher self and through this she’s shining the light on the darker sides of her past and what we are experiencing as a collective human race at this time. This band has their roots deep in ethereal folk music with a post punk-rock edge, their latest album, to be released in the summer of 2018, is even pushing into the realm of pop. Alyssa Duerksen’s potent vocal command with Justin Roeland on drums, Mike Amedeo on bass and Chris Ploss on keys, richly textures and grounds the music; together they create a passionate current between the intimate and expansive that brings the audience into a dreamlike magic.

Alyssa shared the following about the track “Warlord” from the compilation, and good news about upcoming projects:

“I recorded ‘Warlord’ on my iPad in Garageband the night before the 2017 election. My biggest announcement is I’m doing a crowd funding campaign to raise $ to release my album on vinyl this summer/real release this fall but I’m hopefully gonna have records to sell at Grassroots, fingers crossed.”

Follow us on social media (links below) to stay up on this series; for the next entry we’ll be highlighting mysterious technomancy artist, bit rot and the track “init”.