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Delphinium, Scab Addict, Robot detective, 185668232

Delphinium (GA)
Delphinium is a two piece experimental project composed of Dariush Mirsajedin(Drums) and Noah Estrella(Bass/Vocals). Formed in 2013, Delphinium began as a jam band and eventually evolved into a swirl of erratic noises once they were introduced to the thirst quenching drink that is Cheerwine. The purpose of Delphinium, is to push musical boundaries and present our music to others, in an effort to change the complacent landscape of contemporary music. Our influences range from Hella, Lightning Bolt, Maps and Atlases and many other bands. However, the sound of Delphinium is equally as effervescent as the legendary local cola that has fueled their schizophrenic-like style of play.

Mount Vesuvius Death March (AL)
Alabama’s Mount Vesuvius Death March are a three-piece featuring Pace House/Black Crown Initate members Taylor Adams, Nick Shaw and Elliot Russo who treat their listeners to disjunct progressions and sporadic hooks.

Their self described ‘caffeine-rock’ a gnarled, wildly acrobatic display of intricate time signatures, loose limbed (yet impossibly precise) octopoidal drumming, prog-fusion freakouts and a dense, constantly shifting hypno-rock churn. MVDM deftly balance a bombastic, near-metallic heaviness with more cerebral, labyrinthine math-jazz jams.

Robot Detective (Ithaca)
Dark afrofuturist experimental psytrance, analog synths/drum machines, digital space reverb, improvised sample hell.

185668232 (Ithaca)