Official Mission:

"To provide the people of Ithaca and the surrounding communities with an all ages, radically inclusive environment for their do-it-yourself ambitions, ensuring that new and challenging music and art is available to all."

Ithaca Underground is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit. Founded in 2007, as an attempt to organize a local underground music community in Ithaca, NY; our goal is to nurture a sustainable, all ages (and especially youth) supportive environment where music and art outside of the mainstream is encouraged and able flourish.

We regularly present events featuring national touring, regional, and local bands and performers on a year-round basis, averaging 60+ shows a year. This community is supported by the board of directors and an ever-growing cast of dedicated volunteers. These events primarily revolve around hardcore, punk, math-rock, hiphop, noise-rock, grindcore, progressive and experimental genres and all of their subsequent sub-genres that continue to evolve.

Board of Directors

  • Taimur Gibson Chair
  • Chris Knight Vice Chair
  • Keith McCafferty Treasurer
  • Sarah Hennies Secretary
  • Bubba Crumrine Board Historian
  • George Johann
  • AJ Bouchie
  • Annie Lewandowski
  • Alan Rose
  • Yarra Berger
  • Ashley Cake
  • Eluz Infante
  • Leah Taylor