Official Mission

"To provide the people of Ithaca and the surrounding communities with an all ages, radically inclusive environment for their do-it-yourself ambitions, ensuring that new and challenging music and art is available to all."

Our Vision

Ithaca Underground as an organization aspires to exist as a barrier-breaker; empowering artists, organizers, and community members by providing communal resources and support to those who wish to express themselves and enrich the experiences of others.

We celebrate and support those systemically oppressed or previously underrepresented in normative creative scenes, centering people of color, LGBTQIA* individuals, women, youth, and people of differing abilities in our spaces and onto our stage.

Consequently, Ithaca Underground rejects and refuses to tolerate any and all forms of racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and bigotry. These elements cannot exist in the safe spaces or the transformative work we seek to put forward into our communities.

We aim to deliver a welcome and nurturing environment while recognizing those who help us sustain our mission and complete our goals. This includes the invaluable time and labor of our volunteers, educators, and artists working cooperatively alongside us.

Ithaca Underground is a curatorial collective that seeks to provide quality over quantity through community partnerships while retaining the heart and locality of the grassroots movements that inspire us.

What IU Does

Ithaca Underground is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit. Founded in 2007, as an attempt to organize a local underground music community in Ithaca, NY; our goal is to nurture a sustainable, all ages (and especially youth) supportive environment where music and art outside of the mainstream is encouraged and able flourish.

We regularly present events featuring national touring, regional, and local bands and performers on a year-round basis. This community is supported by the board of directors and an ever-growing cast of dedicated volunteers. These events primarily revolve around hardcore, punk, math-rock, hiphop, noise-rock, grindcore, progressive and experimental genres and all of their subsequent sub-genres that continue to evolve.

Board of Directors

  • Bubba Crumrine - Interim Chair
  • Chris Knight - Vice Chair
  • Dianne Dietrich - Treasurer
  • Ashley Cake - Secretary
  • Jen Kutler
  • Charles Chatman
  • Adamina Smith
  • Emma Underwood
  • Esme Saccuccimorano
  • Tony Devivo
  • George Johann