Naked Noise this Saturday

Naked Noise 6

Our most unique event of the year, Naked Noise is this Saturday! 20 performers (now including Hank Roberts!), form our annual large ensemble for a transcendental sound & visual experience, through two 45 minute sets of improvised ritual drone coupled with visual installation overhead. All for just $5 at CSMA.

Unlike any event in the northeast,  performers set up in a ring against the walls of the auditorium with the percussionists in the center, and the audience is encouraged to wander around the ring in-between.

This year’s performers: Jake Burchard (Drumset/Percussion), Jason Calhoun (Keyboard, Radios, Tape Loops), Kristina Camille (Voice), Ethan Cohen (Guitar), Jon Eckhaus (Synth, No-Input Mixing, Turntable, Erhu, Kalimba), Heather Fae (Voice), Matt Gordon, Mario Gutierrez (Drumset), Sarah Hennies (Percussion, Electronics), Nils Hoover (Visuals/installation), Reed Jones (Visuals/installation) Michael Kuhn (Drumset), Owen Lennon (Monotribe), Beau Mahadev (Synth), Keir Neuringer (Reeds, Tapes), Chris Ploss (Synth), Alex Reed (Autoharp), David Resig (Bassoon), Hank Roberts (Cello) Jon Samuels (Synth), James Spitznagel (Synth), Kayla Sewell (Cello).

Naked Noise is one of IU’s major, annual events, supported by grants from the Tompkins Count Tourism  Board, Community Arts Partnership, and Community Foundation of Tompkins County.

Full details here.

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