Outreach Coordinator

Ithaca Underground (IU) is seeking an Outreach Coordinator to assist with marketing, social media, and community engagement.  This is a collaborative role, and this position works closely with the other Outreach Coordinator. Together, you would be responsible for running the Outreach Committee as Co-Coordinators, and delegating tasks to Outreach Committee volunteers.

The goal of the Outreach Coordinator is to ensure that upcoming IU shows are well-promoted to maximize attendance, and to publish art and media from past shows and community members on our website and social media platforms. Specifically, the Outreach Coordinator oversees the publication of information about upcoming shows, as well as the publication of photos, videos, and articles on the IU website and social media pages.

Together, the Outreach Co-Coordinators will:

  • Maintain the IU Outreach Calendar to ensure that upcoming shows are being promoted
  • Supervise the monitoring of the IU Facebook page and group for incoming messages and member requests
  • Coordinate the creation of posters for upcoming shows
  • Attend regular Outreach & Coordinator meetings (typically held every 2-3 months)
  • Nurture press relations with local and regional media outlets
  • Collaborate with other committees as necessary

Persons who are interested in this position should send a brief letter of introduction along with any other relevant experience to coordinators@ithacaunderground.org - once we receive your message, we will reach out to you with more information.