BIG DAY IN #15: Magnetic The Shaman




Big Day In, Ithaca Underground’s biggest show of the year, is on Saturday, December 7! The event is a twelve-hour festival (12PM – 12AM), filled to the brim with touring and local artists. To celebrate the countdown to the Big Day, there will be an artist profile for each performing artist. Today, we have hip-hop artist, Magnetic the Shaman!


“I will always rise after my Ls, like the way that “blink”spelled / I think spells, but this ain’t Defense Against the Dark Arts / I just gather my magic and set my cards, that’s my Hallmark” Wake Up! on Pinky Ring

Magnetic The Shaman is the Hip-Hop artistry of Dill Randolph. Born and raised in Philadelphia, he began his exploration of the music scene with his love of poetry, wordplay, and geeky pop culture. Like his frequent collaborator and friend The Miserable Genius, Magnetic The Shaman is a graduate from Ithaca College. During his time in Ithaca, he played several shows with Ithaca Underground. We’re so excited to have him back! 

Pinky Ring is Magnetic The Shaman’s latest release and is a collaboration with producer EYUKALIPTUS. His raps focus on growing up and trying to comprehend the life he’s experienced thus far. He explores a wide range of topics, from reevaluating his thoughts on religion in “Humble the Guilty Sinner” to entering the post-grad world and continuing pursuing his dreams in “Wake Up!” The album also has gratitude and thank-yous weaved throughout it, giving shoutouts to his friends, family, and collaborators. This comes to its peak in the final seven-minute track, “ShoutsFromTheStoop (Outro)” (where both me and Ithaca Underground are mentioned! Thank you!)

Each track conveys his life experience with compelling lyricism and clear storytelling, all layered on top of EYUKALIPTUS’ calming beats. 

You can find Magnetic The Shaman on his Facebook Page @MagneticTheShaman


Tickets for Big Day In are on sale now! $10 for under 18, $15 for 18 and older. 

For more information, check out the Facebook Event.

Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about punk rockers, Sonic Reducers! Stay tuned!

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