BIG DAY IN #15: Tender Cruncher



7 DAYS LEFT (1 WEEK!!!!)

Big Day In, Ithaca Underground’s biggest show of the year, is on Saturday, December 7! The event is a twelve-hour festival (12PM – 12AM), filled to the brim with touring and local artists. To celebrate the countdown to the Big Day, there will be an artist profile for each performing artist. Today, we have experimentalist, Tender Cruncher!


Tender Cruncher is the creation of experimental and electronic artist, Penelope Lindsey. The music she produces is strange and unpredictable, but that’s what makes it so interesting. Signed with New York City record label Haord Records, her music fits right in with their deep-web, post-internet aesthetic. 

“Experimental and avant-garde art, writing and music have always appealed to me, so I think that the influence is definitely there,” said Lindsay in an interview with the Ithaca Times.  “I never quite consider them my direct influences, but seeing other people make experimental art/music inspires me to continue making my own and pursue my own vision. More than these art forms though, I think that punk really influenced my approach to music, because I just decided to start making it, and didn’t care about my skill level or adhering to any particular sound structure.”

Tender Cruncher’s latest release is called Juicy. The album has nine songs, each with their own unique vibe. Some include vocals while others are purely instrumentals.

My favorite track on it is “Oh Well”. Bells and jangles (that sound like cash registers) are layered with reverb, which makes them sound like they are coming from inside a grand hall. They are then layered on top of a rumbling, washed-out electronic beat. This moves into a more sinister melody that feels reminiscent of writhing water snakes. It reminds me of a boss battle in a video game that takes place in a castle and then descends into the villain’s lair. 


Tickets for Big Day In are on sale now! $10 for under 18, $15 for 18 and older. 

For more information, check out the Facebook Event.

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