Goo Lagoon & IU are bringing Godcaster, Winter Beach, and Tilling to Ithaca!

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This Saturday, November 16, Goo Lagoon lives on with their collaboration with Ithaca Underground! The house venue has outgrown its walls, but now has so much more room to expand. In doing so, they are bringing punk rockers and grooving bass slaps to town: Godcaster, Winter Beach, and Tilling will be stomping on their fuzz pedals to send you into a good time at The Chanticleer at 7:30PM.

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With a steady digitized beat and distorted electric guitar, the Ithaca College duo of Sam Unger and Kalina Hertafeld send their sound waves haywire. Hertafeld’s vocals are lined with fuzz against the crunched and overdriven guitar. A streak of a glitching can be heard against the distortion like a faulty video game or a miswired fuse. A beat reminiscent of the sound effects in video game “Pong” give the music pace, but also acts as its own entity in each song. Using a mix of digital sounds, vocals, electric guitar, and reverb, the duo is a solid mix of noise, punk, and the static on a television screen.

Favorite track: “She Sat Down” on Tilling

Winter Beach

Wrap yourself in a scarf and head to the shore to hear the vibes of Winter Beach. Based in Syracuse, NY, the music is mainly clean electric guitar and straightforward storytelling. The bass subtly supports the melody and a drum kit of hi-hat and snappy snare hits keep the beat moving at the rolling pace of waves. It’s enough to get your body moving and grooving, but not overwhelming where you are swept away in the cascade of ocean tides.

Favorite track: “Hot Dog Water” on Hot Dog Water

The crowned gods of sass and rock n’ roll hail from the kingdoms of New York City and Philadelphia. Their music gleams like the reflection of a disco ball— each one of their songs is an array of rainbow color tones that all shimmer and accentuate different parts of their varied sounds. Clad in elaborate costumes of flowing tassels, skin tight leotards, and billowing sleeves, the kings and queens fill sonic space with grooving bass lines, tickling electric guitar, dancing synths, and a whirlwind of drums and vocals. From fast-paced bass slaps in “Don’t Make Stevie Wonder” to the dreamy and easy going “Sassy Stick Boy,” they open up the portal to their world to create a rapturous experience.

Favorite song: “GROOVE STATION (RAPTURE BLAST OFF)” on Godcaster Demo

Tickets are available now at $7 a pop!

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