This Friday – INC 2020 Tour Kickoff with Jen Kutler, C.H.S., flubber boiler//soggy doggy, Matt Luczak, and Bubba Crumrine!

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Join Ithaca Underground in the Chanticleer Loft this Friday, January 31 as Jen Kutler, Bubba Crumrine, Matt Luczak, C.H.S., and flubber boiler//soggy doggy kick off their tour. These talented and visionary musicians are headed to the International Noise Conference in Miami, so make sure to see them before they hit the road!


Jen Kutler

Based in Ithaca, Kutler is an artist that can’t be confined to one medium. As performer, visual artist, and musician, Kutler uses her many mediums to explore gender, queerness, intimacy, and sexuality. She uses music and performance to recontextualize and transform traditionally feminine or sexual objects. Kutler makes and performs electronic music to be presented and experienced in the most human way— as an inquiry of self and others. 

Bubba Crumrine

An integral part of Central New York’s underground music scene since 2008, Bubba Crumrine uses their skills as a multi-instrumentalist to craft their most recent album; 2019’s How Brightly Can You Burn? (The Death of Youth). Crumrine weaves synthesizers, washboard, bells, and voice to create soundscapes that move through ambient and industrial, new and old. Crumrine’s mastery of sound creates an ebb and flow throughout the album, giving the sensations of “pressure, excitement, and loss” that accompany the transition from one generation to the next. 

Matt Luczak

New York artist Matt Luczak brings full, gritty, electronic sounds. The slow, subtle changes in Luczak’s works give the impression of a song evolving as it progresses. His most recent release on bandcamp, Sinking Castle 071219, sets an eerily calming soundscape which is interspersed with jarring, sharp interruptions. If you’ve ever wondered what noise your brain is making in the background of your thoughts, you might find the answer in Luczak’s compositions. 


Hailing from Belchertown, MA, C.H.S. (Sam Hadge) creates distorted sounds to rattle your bones. When listening to their music one is left to question if they are at a concert or receiving a transmission from space; the static and screeching sounding downright otherworldly. Beneath one of their performance videos on Youtube, the caption reads “It’s a good one but be sure to listen to it loud.” 

flubber boiler//soggy doggy 

Beyond just the auditory, the music of flubber boiler//soggy doggy is entirely experiential. Combining light, textile, electronics, and even ice and water, their performance is one to be heard and felt. Primal, tribal, and wildly intense, flubber boiler//soggy doggy’s music reaches in and touches the nervous system. 


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