Square Peg Round Hole, mmeadows, LaLa Funstar, & bit rot this Sunday!

Square Peg Round Hole 11/10

This Sunday, November 10, the chill-wave, experimental vibe you’ve been looking for is coming to Ithaca! Square Peg Round Hole, mmeadows, LaLa Funstar, and bit rot will be performing at La Casita del Polaris at 7PM. 

bit rot

A conjurer of digital ghosts, bit rot is a noise artist who is based in Ithaca, New York. With their collection of synthesizers and samplers, they resurrect bits of soft synths, crunched percussion, and distorted electric guitars into the mortal world. The occasional human ghost will slip through, their haunting vocals swirling through live wires and out through the speakers. All the sounds get looped over each other, creating a world that has no clear beginning or end. 

Favorite song: “Wanderer” on Lycanthrope 




mmeadows is the dynamic duo of Brooklyn-based musicians, Kristen Slipp and Cole Kamen-Green. Together and separately, the two songwriters have also written and recorded with Beyonce and Lorde, toured with Dirty Projectors and Cyndi Lauper, and made beats with Yuka C. Honda. Reminiscent of bands like Purity Ring and CHVRCHES, their vocal-focused, electro-pop sensibilities wash their sound with chilled synth chords, layered harmonies, and swirling soundscapes. 

Favorite song: “Reflector” on Reflector



LaLa Funstar

Noise musician LaLa Funstar (also known as Lala Buckstar) has an unusual bag of tricks with them. Using their wide-variety of pedals, found sounds, live vocal loops, and a handy kalimba, they create hazy sonic worlds at the touch of a button. Their music ebs on filling space with electroacoustic ambience and long-standing drones. Be prepared to be lulled into a trance and awaken something within your body and inside your bones. 

Favorite song: “Surge” on Surge



Square Peg Round Hole

Based in Philadelphia, the instrumental trio has been described by NPR’s Bob Boilen as a “creative adventure.” Sean M. Gill, and Carlos Pacheco-Perez met in 2011 while studying at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. It was then that they first created a world filled with drum kits, vibraphones, samples, found objects, synths, and vintage analog keyboards. They have since released two studio albums, have performed on Audiotree Live, and have played at festivals across the US. Fluid like watercolor paintings, their music fills the ears with bright oranges of snappy snare drums, mellow yellows of melodic synths, and sparkling blues of chiming vibraphones. An introspective mix of found sounds effects/samples and real instruments, they’ve conjured a unique and expansive sonic experience that immerses anyone who dives in and takes a listen. 

Favorite song: “Trumansburg” on Five Years  



Tickets are available now at $10 a pop!


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