Author: Bubba Crumrine

Summer People tonight. New ERRS.

Tonight, IU’s first all-ages event at The Dock, we celebrate the life of our friend Keenan Murphy. Summer People reunite for one night only. ERRS have debuted a new track, ‘Choir of ERRS’, written Jan 1st, 2016, in response to the news of Keenan’s passing. Lyrics are up, so we can all join in together.

ONE FEST Less Than 3 Weeks Away…

Ithaca Underground’s second annual ONE FEST hits in less than three week. We’ve upped the ante on this all day fest of extreme music, with Dragged Into Sunlight (UK), Primitive Man (CO), Cult Leader (UT) and tons of favorites from the Northeast – plus the all new Noise Deck stage, featuring 10 of New York State’s finest underground DIY experimental & noise acts, blasted through 3,000W of power, on the Haunt deck.

$15 for 24 acts.

Details. Tickets.

Ithaca Underground Seeks Volunteer Coordinator

Ithaca Underground
Volunteer Coordinator – Volunteer Position:

Ithaca Underground (IU) seeks a volunteer to oversee the coordination of the IU volunteer program. If you are looking for a truly unique volunteer experience motivating and encouraging a group of talented volunteers, this position is for you!

Coordinator will work with IU volunteers to facilitate monthly committee meetings, volunteer recruitment & development, and present regular all-ages events at local venues such as The Chanticleer Loft, Sacred Root Kava Lounge, The Haunt & CSMA.

Position will require approximately 10-12 volunteer hours each week, primarily during evening hours including some weekends.


  • Develop & maintain IU volunteer roster.
  • Create & send bi-weekly volunteer eNewsletter.
  • Attend and coordinate monthly volunteer Logistics, Outreach, & Development meetings.
  • Ensure volunteers are following up on committee commitments.
  • Attend and coordinate volunteers at performances (shared responsibility with Board President and volunteer show GM’s).
  • Assist Logistics team leads with day-of-show volunteer assignment & scheduling.
  • Coordinate volunteer training sessions with Board President and trainers on sound engineering, photography, videography, and more.
  • Communicate upcoming needs to volunteers with direct contact to encourage participation.
  • Track volunteer hours for those receiving volunteer credit.
  • Ensure for proper transport, set up and storage of IU equipment.


  • Requirements: At least one year applicable experiences with:
  • Working with volunteers and youth.
  • Excellent interpersonal and verbal communication skills, including email & text.
  • Proven competency with Facebook and other social media.
  • Good organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Ability to lift and move up to 30 lbs.
  • Reliable transport to downtown Ithaca.

This is a volunteer position reporting to Bubba Crumrine, President of the Ithaca Underground Board.

To apply, send introductory cover letter & résumé to by June 27th, 2016.

To learn more about our 501c3 not-for-profit organization and our radically inclusive all ages events, visit

Donate to “IU Gear Is Gorges” campaign May 4th

Once again, IU will be participating in Giving Is Gorges – Tompkins County day of giving and philanthropy to its not-for-profit organizations. This year’s “IU Gear Is Gorges” campaign centers around equipment for event production & documentation, but you can give at your own level for whichever aspect of IU you’d like to fund.

Check out this video to learn more about this day of giving, benefiting scores of our fellow not-for-profit organizations.

Naked Noise this Saturday

Our most unique event of the year, Naked Noise is this Saturday! 20 performers (now including Hank Roberts!), form our annual large ensemble for a transcendental sound & visual experience, through two 45 minute sets of improvised ritual drone coupled with visual installation overhead. All for just $5 at CSMA.

Unlike any event in the northeast,  performers set up in a ring against the walls of the auditorium with the percussionists in the center, and the audience is encouraged to wander around the ring in-between.

This year’s performers: Jake Burchard (Drumset/Percussion), Jason Calhoun (Keyboard, Radios, Tape Loops), Kristina Camille (Voice), Ethan Cohen (Guitar), Jon Eckhaus (Synth, No-Input Mixing, Turntable, Erhu, Kalimba), Heather Fae (Voice), Matt Gordon, Mario Gutierrez (Drumset), Sarah Hennies (Percussion, Electronics), Nils Hoover (Visuals/installation), Reed Jones (Visuals/installation) Michael Kuhn (Drumset), Owen Lennon (Monotribe), Beau Mahadev (Synth), Keir Neuringer (Reeds, Tapes), Chris Ploss (Synth), Alex Reed (Autoharp), David Resig (Bassoon), Hank Roberts (Cello) Jon Samuels (Synth), James Spitznagel (Synth), Kayla Sewell (Cello).

Naked Noise is one of IU’s major, annual events, supported by grants from the Tompkins Count Tourism  Board, Community Arts Partnership, and Community Foundation of Tompkins County.

Full details here.