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BIG DAY IN #15: Irreversible Entanglements

By Taimur | November 25, 2019

COUNTDOWN TO BIG DAY IN #15: 12 DAYS LEFT Big Day In, Ithaca Underground’s biggest show of the year, is on Saturday, December 7! The event is a twelve-hour festival (12PM – 12AM), filled to the brim with fifteen touring and local artists. To celebrate the countdown to the Big Day, there will be a…

Godcaster blesses the Chanticleer with noise-funk serenades

By Taimur | November 20, 2019

On Saturday, November 16, The Chanticleer was ramped into an all-ages punk show! This was the second collab between Ithaca Underground and Goo Lagoon. Even though the house venue no longer exists, the energy of Goo Lagoon could still be felt here. There was no punk-time, meaning the show started right on-time at 8PM. College…

Goo Lagoon teams up with Ithaca Underground to bring live music to the community

By Taimur | November 17, 2019

With a bag filled with markers, ears protected with ear plugs, and my body buzzing with excitement, I was always amped and ready to go to Goo Lagoon on the weekends. The house venue was a place filled with great music, Ithaca College students (like me!), and walls that soon became an audience curated museum.…

Goo Lagoon & IU are bringing Godcaster, Winter Beach, and Tilling to Ithaca!

By Taimur | November 15, 2019

This Saturday, November 16, Goo Lagoon lives on with their collaboration with Ithaca Underground! The house venue has outgrown its walls, but now has so much more room to expand. In doing so, they are bringing punk rockers and grooving bass slaps to town: Godcaster, Winter Beach, and Tilling will be stomping on their fuzz…


Square Peg Round Hole lights up Casita del Polaris

By Taimur | November 12, 2019

On Sunday, November 10, the light bulbs in Casita del Polaris came alive and welcomed four electronic and chill-wave acts. Among them was noise artist bit rot, experimentalist Lala Funstar, chill-wave duo mmeadows, and headliner Square Peg Round Hole. The stage was covered in wires and electronics instruments, all of it humming with anticipation for…

Square Peg Round Hole, mmeadows, LaLa Funstar, & bit rot this Sunday!

By Taimur | November 6, 2019

This Sunday, November 10, the chill-wave, experimental vibe you’ve been looking for is coming to Ithaca! Square Peg Round Hole, mmeadows, LaLa Funstar, and bit rot will be performing at La Casita del Polaris at 7PM.  bit rot A conjurer of digital ghosts, bit rot is a noise artist who is based in Ithaca, New…

Olivia Gatwood is The Life of the Party

By Taimur | November 2, 2019

I had only seen The Haunt as a standing-only venue, so I was surprised when I saw rows of folding chairs on the main floor.  However, I knew this would be different. It was Thursday, September 26th and I was going to experience a poetry reading by Olivia Gatwood. The nationally ranked slam poet and…


Guerilla Toss takes Ithaca for a psychedelic trip

By Taimur | October 5, 2019

It’s the night before the full moon of Friday the 13th. The illuminated orb hung in the sky over the Haunt, beaming over the music venue. At 7PM, the crimson walls began to fill with people who were ready to have an unparalleled musical experience… one that would melt their brains. On October 12, 2019,…

The Haunt welcomes Izzy True back home

By Taimur | October 3, 2019

At 7PM, the doors to The Haunt click open, inviting the late summer air to waft through the venue. It’s the first Thursday since classes started at Cornell University and Ithaca College. This marks the end of the sleepy summer of Ithaca, NY, and revitalizes the area as a bustling and renowned college town. Many…

Summer School: Class is in Session!

By Taimur | September 17, 2019

It’s a Saturday afternoon and today’s class is being held at The Haunt. Depending on what time you walk in, you may encounter a variation of three vibes: hip-hop, techno, or spoken-word poetry. The event is called Summer School and is founded by Ithaca Underground coordinator, Chris Knight. It features artists from a multitude of…